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27. září 2022

Poslechněte si podcast: Prague Talk EP63: Mark Cornwall

Historian Mark Cornwall is an expert on Czech-German relations. He is preparing a book to be entitled Queer Bohemians and another on treason under the Habsburg Empire.


Prague Talk

Vydává: Český rozhlas

The best of Radio Prague International’s interviews


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EP90: Emil Viklický

Top Czech jazz pianist and composer Emil Viklický discusses his successful career, numerous collaborations (including big jazz names, and Václav Havel) and much, much more.

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EP89: Roman David

Academic Roman David has fascinating insights into how the Czech justice system, and society, dealt with the transition to democracy after the 1989 fall of communism.

8. listopad 2023 15:29

EP88: Simon Johnson

Englishman Simon Johnson heads the Czech branch of developers Crestyl. They are behind Prague's major Savarin Palace project, Libeň Dock and much more besides.

25. říjen 2023 14:09

EP87: Mirek Gosney

Mirek Gosney on Building Hitler's Empire, a documentary about the Nazis' massive forced labour system, under which his own great-grandfather worked in Germany during WWII.

12. říjen 2023 15:43

EP86: Petr Kratochvíl

Petr Kratochvíl on a new paper he co-authored which says Russia’s war on Ukraine is novel in that it is also a fight against gender and sexual equalities, with Moscow presenting itself as a defender of traditional values against the "decadent" West.

5. říjen 2023 16:49

EP85: Jindřiška Bláhová

Jindřiška Bláhová, editor of a new book looking at the history of Karlovy Vary film festival pre-1989, shares fascinating insights into the event in the Cold War era.

27. září 2023 15:08

EP84: Benjamin Tallis

Foreign policy expert Benjamin Tallis on neo-idealism, and why the term applies to Jan Lipavský, and what the Ukraine crisis means for the future of the EU.

13. září 2023 15:20

EP83: Jana Kománková

Veteran DJ Jana Kománková discusses her new book about the Prague alternative station Radio 1, including its pirate beginnings as Radio Stalin and anarchic early years.

16. srpen 2023 16:02

EP82: Danny Bate

UK linguist Danny Bate, who moves between Prague and Edinburgh, discusses some of the joys of life in Czechia, learning the language, "annoying" aspects of Czech and more.

10. srpen 2023 16:04

EP81: Arne Springorum

Arne Springorum is part of a climate crisis activist group that has been blocking the main road through Prague. He says he is willing to lose a lot for his beliefs.