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27. září 2022

Poslechněte si podcast: Prague Talk EP63: Mark Cornwall

Historian Mark Cornwall is an expert on Czech-German relations. He is preparing a book to be entitled Queer Bohemians and another on treason under the Habsburg Empire.


Prague Talk

Vydává: Český rozhlas

The best of Radio Prague International’s interviews


1. květen 2024 15:41

EP100: Mason Parker

The new owner of the Prague Lions discusses why he feels the time is right for American football in Europe and says it could become Czechia's third favourite sport.

24. duben 2024 16:50

EP99: Nicholas Lowry

Art expert Nicholas Lowry has Czech heritage and lived in Prague in the early 1990s. He will soon be seen as the presenter of a documentary on classic Czech graphic design.

5. duben 2024 15:57

EP98: Rosamund Johnston

Rosamund Johnston discusses her book on Czechoslovak Radio, 1948–1969. How "communist" was the station? And what happened to staff after the Soviet invasion?

16. únor 2024 14:25

EP97: Peter Zusi

Academic Peter Zusi discusses teaching Czech literature, his new book on the Czech avant-garde and Karel Teige and his teenage rock band with a future movie star.

6. únor 2024 16:20

EP96: Eva Paddock & Milena Grenfell-Baines

Half-sisters Eva Paddock and Lady Milena Grenfell-Baines were 3 and 9 when trains organised by Nicholas Winton and others saved them from the Nazis. They share their story.

31. leden 2024 12:37

EP95: Ed Ley

Englishman Ed Ley on his fascinating social media project recording the stories of the streets of Prague, one by one.

16. leden 2024 15:37

EP94: Kaveh Daneshmand

Prague-based filmmaker Kaveh Daneshmand on how his homeland Iran manages to produce great films despite severe restrictions, whether he could ever move back and much more.

28. prosinec 2023 32:50

EP93: Jan Novák

Writer and biographer Jan Novák discusses Miloš Forman, the Mašíns, Václav Havel and Milan Kundera, as well as sharing some of his family's own eye-popping stories.

19. prosinec 2023 25:08

EP92: Bijan Sabet

In a broad and revealing interview, US Ambassador to Czechia Bijan Sabet discusses everything from his time as an early Twitter investor to his love of photography.

13. prosinec 2023 15:02

EP91: Tomáš Dvořák

Why is the Czech economy so deep in the doldrums? And how to turn things around? Tomáš Dvořák, who has described Czechia as "the sick man of Europe", offers some insights.