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21. leden 2023

Poslechněte si podcast: EP68: Jiří Přibáň

Jiří Přibáň discusses the "gloves off" approach adopted by candidate Andrej Babiš ahead of round two of the presidential election and what he feels a Babiš win would mean.


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Vydává: Český rozhlas

The best of Radio Prague International’s interviews


Před týdnem 15:20

EP83: Jana Kománková

Veteran DJ Jana Kománková discusses her new book about the Prague alternative station Radio 1, including its pirate beginnings as Radio Stalin and anarchic early years.

16. srpen 2023 16:02

EP82: Danny Bate

UK linguist Danny Bate, who moves between Prague and Edinburgh, discusses some of the joys of life in Czechia, learning the language, "annoying" aspects of Czech and more.

10. srpen 2023 16:04

EP81: Arne Springorum

Arne Springorum is part of a climate crisis activist group that has been blocking the main road through Prague. He says he is willing to lose a lot for his beliefs.

4. srpen 2023 29:20

EP80: John Bok

Pre-1989 dissident John Bok, whose parents met in England during WWII, looks back on a fascinating life. Close at one time to Havel, he stood up to the StB more than most.

19. červenec 2023 14:32

EP79: Ethan Scheiner

California-based author Ethan Scheiner discusses his new book Freedom to Win, centred on Czechoslovakia's 1969 ice hockey wins over the USSR, and the riots that followed.

28. červen 2023 15:15

EP78: Yulia Oleinik

Yulia Oleinik heads UNICEF's Czech office. She discusses how well young Ukrainians, particularly small children, have been integrated – but warns about losing those gains.

21. červen 2023 15:37

EP77: Bohumil Vostal

Biographer Bohumil Vostal discusses the fascinating story of Czech František Bělský, the only sculptor ever to create busts of four generations of the UK royal family.

13. červen 2023 22:23

EP76: Jakub Cigler

Jakub Cigler is perhaps THE architect of modern Prague. His studio is behind the redesign of Wencelsas Square and is also involved in the huge overhaul of Masaryk Station.

7. červen 2023 14:57

EP75: Michal Bregant

Director Michal Bregant on the creation of the National Film Archive under the Nazis, the restoration of classic Czech movies and how the NFA saved many treasures.

15. květen 2023 15:44

EP74: Leon Jakimič

Co-founder Leon Jakimič discusses his plans to make international lighting and glass installation producers Lasvit Czechia's first new global luxury brand – and much more.