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29. říjen 2020

Poslechněte si podcast: EP32: Roger Johnson

With the US elections drawing extremely near, we asked the head of the Czech branch of Republicans Overseas about President Trump’s record, style and chances of defying the polls – and much more besides.


Prague Talk

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The best of Radio Prague International’s interviews


Před dvěma dny 16:06

EP72: Matt Field

The recently installed UK ambassador to Prague, Matt Field, discusses Czech-British relations, learning Czech, his experience of life in the city so far and much more.

Před týdnem 28:06

EP71: Michal Horáček

Michal Horáček, co-writer of several of Czechia's best-loved songs, shares some great stories about his family, the Velvet Revolution, his bid for president and far more.

Před 2 týdny 14:10

EP70: Mark Baker

US journalist Mark Baker discusses the plans of communist Czechoslovakia's secret police to employ a honey trap operation to recruit him as a spy against his own country.

Před 3 týdny 23:14

EP69: Adam Gebrian

Architecture expert Adam Gebrian on recent development projects in Prague, including the remodeling of Wenceslas Square and the major overhaul of the Masaryk Station area.

21. leden 2023 15:18

EP68: Jiří Přibáň

Jiří Přibáň discusses the "gloves off" approach adopted by candidate Andrej Babiš ahead of round two of the presidential election and what he feels a Babiš win would mean.

11. leden 2023 25:52

EP67: Jan Lipavský

The Czech minister of foreign affairs discusses a whole host of subjects, including Ukraine, sanctions, economic diplomacy, China, the name Czechia – and his core values.

8. prosinec 2022 16:09

EP66: Nick Archer

Outgoing UK ambassador to Prague Nick Archer discusses a whole range of subjects, from matters of state to the things he has most enjoyed about life in the Czech capital.

25. říjen 2022 26:56

Prague Talk EP65: Ivan Chvatík

Ivan Chvatík worked closely with Jan Patočka, helping organise underground seminars for the great Czech philosopher, and since his death has done more than anybody to keep his legacy alive. Chvatík shares stories about his clandestine activities in Communist Czechoslovakia, the deaths of his parents when he seven and much more.

11. říjen 2022 16:24

Prague Talk EP64: Jan Charvát

Some are concerned tensions in Czech society could intensify this winter. What can the government do to prevent further radicalisation? We ask extremism expert Jan Charvát.

11. červenec 2022 21:39

EP58: Igor Lukeš

The leaders of the newly established Czechoslovakia should have done far more to ensure its stability. So says historian Professor Igor Lukeš, in an interview that also looks at 1990s Czech politics, NATO enlargement, Russia and much more.