Czechia in 30 minutes
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Poslechněte si podcast: Czechia in 30 minutes (September 15, 2023)

News; rising temperatures affecting South Bohemia's traditional fishing industry; who are clubs to watch as new Czech ice hockey season begins?; Prague’s Dvořák Museum showcases valuable manuscript; The Prague Civil Society Centre


Czechia in 30 minutes

Vydává: Český rozhlas

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Czechia in 30 minutes (September 30, 2023)

Interview with Vladimír Dzuro, a Prague detective who became a war crimes investigator in former Yugoslavia.

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Czechia in 30 minutes (September 29, 2023)

News; Czech leaders watching Slovak elections; Prague's tram bistro; Bohemian caves get 3D map; Czech companies take steps to lessen environmental impact.

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Czechia in 30 minutes (September 27, 2023)

News; Prague rated the second best solo travel destination in the world; Czech archaeologists rediscover the famous tomb of an Egyptian high official; Adam Trachtman on his recent graphic novel about his Czech adventures in the early 1990s

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Czechia in 30 minutes (Sept 26, 2023)

News; intelligence chief rings alarm over Russian propaganda; Designblok marks 25 years and returns to Prague Castle; and we meet photographer Libuše Jarcovjáková.

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Czechia in 30 minutes (Sept 25, 2023)

News, Plachetka-Havelka CD, interview with Czech consul in New York, One on One with foreign policy expert Benjamin Tallis

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Czechia in 30 minutes (September 22, 2023)

News; Czech scientists recreate "Celtic beer"; new tests for vintage cars; expert Kateřina Sam on disappearance of birds and insects and their crucial role in eco-system.

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Czechia in 30 minutes (September 21, 2023)

News; Czech scientists develop miniature “weather station” for space; cash or card? Modern payment methods see huge upward trajectory among Czechs; new Czech ambassador to Canada outlines his goals

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Czechia in 30 minutes (Sept 20, 2023)

News, President Pavel addresses UN General Assembly, drug fentanyl claims first victims in Czechia, trip to Mikulov in South Moravia

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Czechia in 30 minutes (September 19, 2023)

News; Žatec and surrounding hop-growing landscape make UNESCO World Heritage list; why does Czechia have third lowest share of university graduates in the EU?; European Sustainable Development Week - Czech solutions to waste problems

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Czechia in 30 minutes (Sept 18, 2023)

News, Village of the Year contest winner, Envirofest- a festival with a difference and young leaders from eastern Europe visit Prague