Czechia in 30 minutes
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Poslechněte si podcast: Czechia in 30 minutes (November 14, 2023)

News; debate on regulating energy drinks for kids; first trees planted at Roma Holocaust site; podcast on Utoya massacre in English; New Czech short story collection in UK.


Czechia in 30 minutes

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Czechia in 30 minutes (November 29, 2023)

News; Pundit on Politico’s 28 list: Pavel among Europe’s “movers and shakers”; Prague’s Motol hospital introducing voicebot; An epic literary hoax

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Czechia in 30 minutes (November 28, 2023)

News; Prague Main Station for major overhaul; Mendel University tests symbiosis of solar panels and vineyards; New Prague exhibit combines art and NFTs; Czech couple defies fashion stereotypes

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Czechia in 30 minutes (Nov. 27, 2023)

News; Schools strike; Petr Čech ; Emil Viklický on finding freedom in jazz

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Czechia in 30 minutes (Nov. 24, 2023)

News; Salvation Army; pensioners read in kindergartens; Comedy club in Žižkov

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Czechia in 30 minutes (November 23, 2023)

News; Czech attitudes towards Roma people improving, but prejudice still persists; Locika Centre: Child victims of domestic violence suffer secondary trauma during questioning; Czech Gaming series

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Czechia in 30 minutes (November 22, 2023)

News; Prague pushing to restrict movement of Russian diplomats; Special device shows lung cells killed by Prague’s air traffic pollution

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Czechia in 30 minutes (November 21, 2023)

News; will a new EU law deliver pay equality in Czechia?; Prague theatre to stage English-speaking live radio plays; coach quits moments after Czechs reach Euros; Canadian ice hockey players in Czechia

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Czechia in 30 minutes (November 20, 2023)

News; Charter 77 signatory stages hunger strike over low pensions for ex-dissidents; experts sound alarm bells for children’s mental health in Czechia; UK historian Timothy Garton Ash on the Velvet Revolution and where Europe is headed today

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Czechia in 30 minutes (November 18, 2023)

Leading child cardiologist Jan Marek on the challenges and rewards of healing young hearts

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Czechia in 30 minutes (November 16, 2023)

News; Czechia freezes Russian state-owned property; Events happening on November 17th; War simulations, life in Czechia and educational games