Czechia in 30 minutes
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Poslechněte si podcast: Czechia in 30 minutes (January 10, 2023)

News; 10th edition of Prague festival of Iranian film gets underway; new voice of Prague’s trams and busses; young Kyrgyz pastry chef Adina Biguine


Czechia in 30 minutes

Vydává: Český rozhlas

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Czechia in 30 minutes (February 4, 2023)

Czech photography special in which "raw" photographer Libuše Jarcovjáková discusses finding fame later in life and living legend Josef Koudelka shares his philosophy.

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Czechia in 30 minutes (February 3, 2023)

News, Pavel -Taiwan call, Prague Zoo announces birth of rare baby pangolin, Jan Prochazka and the Czech classic film The Ear

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Czechia in 30 minutes (February 2, 2023)

News; President-elect to employ Prague Castle architect, Photo of medieval castle at sunrise wins postcard competition; Interview with health expert Steriani Elavsky

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Czechia in 30 minutes (February 1, 2023)

News, Brno Philharmony to tour US, start of Dry February, Czech projects in Bosnia and Herzegovina

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Czechia in 30 minutes (January 31, 2023)

News; president-elect causes a stir with call to Taiwan; start-up develops new insect-identifying technology; London's Czech School Without Borders

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Czechia in 30 minutes (January 30, 2023)

News; “One word – hope”: Name supporters embrace Pavel victory; Pavel wants to speak to Babiš voters – but doesn’t want his face on stamps

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Czechia in 30 minutes (January 27, 2023)

News; Czechs give outgoing President Zeman poor marks for performance; Czech defending champions reach doubles final at Australian Open; Interview with Helen Epstein.

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Czechia in 30 minutes (January 26, 2023)

News; The Czech biochemist who should have won a Nobel Prize; Famous Czech painters: Josef Lada; Why British students are choosing to study Czech.

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Czechia in 30 minutes (January 25, 2023)

News; Czech Elves on disinformation around election time; Four Czechs competing for Oscar; Julia Sherwood on discovering Czech comics and on translating in tandem.

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Czechia in 30 minutes (January 24, 2023)

News; Prague exhibition depicts golden age of poster art; Young Czech violinist wins international talent show; Classical music bedtime tales for kids with Czech connection