Czechia in 30 minutes
21. únor 2023

Poslechněte si podcast: Czechia in 30 minutes (February 21, 2023)

News, Czech army head says Czechs must prepare for NATO-Russia conflict, events marking Ukraine war anniversary, look into life of LGBT community.


Czechia in 30 minutes

Vydává: Český rozhlas

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Dnes 28:55

Czechia in 30 minutes (March 23, 2023)

News, One World Festival, protest actions against chronic underfunding of academics in the humanities, 2023 tourist season in Czechia

Včera 29:08

Czechia in 30 minutes (March 22, 2023)

News, Alfons Mucha exhibition in Paris, Bohemia exhibition in Prague, AI helping doctors, Israeli artist raises awarness of femicide

Před dvěma dny 20:06

Czechia in 30 minutes (March 21, 2023)

News, manuscript of Good Soldier Svejk shown in Prague, Restorers examine unique Gothic paintings in Prague’s Emmaus Monastery, Prague’s stylish Kino Atlas reopens

Před třemi dny 27:39

Czechia in 30 minutes (March 20, 2023)

News; Lipavský argues for setting up of international tribunal after ICC issues Putin arrest warrant; remains of world’s last male northern white rhino to return from Czechia to Kenya; new UK ambassador to Prague Matt Field

Před pěti dny 29:54

Czechia in 30 minutes (March 18, 2023)

Interview with Czech “Swing King” Jan Smigmator who is to perform at Carnegie Hall

Před šesti dny 25:54

Czechia in 30 minutes (March 17, 2023)

News; Why are Ukrainian children not attending Czech schools?; Scouts make trench candles for Ukraine; London-based musicologist Geoffrey Chew on promoting Czech music.

Před týdnem 27:56

Czechia in 30 minutes (March 15, 2023)

News; Czech Radio digitises full archive of trial with Karl Hermann Frank; Czech glassworks produces glass bell for Klok & Peel Museum; What attracts tourists to Prague?

Před týdnem 30:12

Czechia in 30 minutes (March 14, 2023)

News; archives reveal Zlín’s famous Baťa villa was designed by someone unexpected; documentary revisits Covid lockdown period in Czechia through a new lens; the Czech company that leads the high-end military decoy market

Před týdnem 29:28

Czechia in 30 minutes (March 13, 2023)

News; Extremism expert on threatened blockade of government buildings; Kintera: Owners are brave to hang my drawings in their rooms!; Steriani Elavsky on health.

Před týdnem 30:21

Czechia in 30 minutes (March 11, 2023)

In-depth interview with Michael Horáček, popular song lyricist, journalist, Velvet Revolution figure, ex-betting industry heavyweight and 2018 presidential candidate.