Czechia in 30 minutes

Poslechněte si podcast: Czechia in 30 minutes (December 2, 2022)

News; Unique Terezín photos to accompany close of Czech presidency; Prominent Czech landscape painter Antonín Slavíček: ; “Every Czech a Musician” - cliché or reality?


Czechia in 30 minutes

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Czechia in 30 minutes (December 1, 2022)

News; Czechs abroad have till Sunday to register to vote in presidential election; Why the traditional Czech Christmas dinner fish may be good for wrinkles; A taste of Jamaica in Prague.

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Czechia in 30 minutes (November 30, 2022)

News; Czech Space Week draws attention to Czechia’s growing space industry; Scottish poetry comes to Prague; Kofola: socialist Czechoslovakia's answer to Coca-Cola.

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Czechia in 30 minutes (November 29, 2022)

News; candle-lit vigil held in Prague in support of anti-government protesters in China; actress Rosamund Pike stars in Czech mobile phone game; financial crime expert Tom Keatinge on tackling dirty money

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Czechia in 30 minutes (November 28,2022)

News; Who are the candidates for Czech president?; Study: More than a quarter million people either homeless or facing housing crisis; My Prageu with Šimon Holý

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Czechia in 30 minutes (November 26,2022)

A Stitch in Time: Part 3 – Exile and Return. Fourteen-year-old Eva Nováková wrote a short radio play to draw us into the world of her great-grandmother, Olga Szántová.

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Czechia in 30 minutes (November 25,2022)

News; app helps women escape from domestic violence; great Czech painter Alphonse Mucha; discovery of mythical "toadstone".

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Czechia in 30 minutes (November 24,2022)

News, Czech fighter pilot handpicked as reserve astronaut for ESA, Old Town Bridge Tower to undergo renovation, interview with film and visual artist Tereza Stehlikova.

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Czechia in 30 minutes (November 23,2022)

News, Czech Army must prioritise getting ready to fight in a largescale war, Czech researchers exploring possibility of using cyanobacteria to clean up plastic waste in oceans, Czech Made -GZ Media.

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Czechia in 30 minutes (November 22, 2022)

News; Senate considers awards for couples in long-lasting marriages; economist on Czechia’s real wage decline; why 1945 US book still tops Czech lists of favourite reads

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Czechia in 30 minutes (November 21,2022)

News; Recordings from trial with K. H. Frank being restored; Sculpture of Putin sitting naked on golden toilet goes to auction; One on One with historian Mark Cornwall